About me

I am a third-year PhD student at the National Center for Text Mining (NaCTeM) at the University of Manchester, advised by Prof.Sophia Ananiadou and Prof.Jun’ichi Tsujii. In June 2020, I received my Master degree from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Prior to this, I received my BS degree from Nankai University in June 2017.

My current research interests include Natural Language Processing (especially BioNLP), Affective Computing, Mental Health Application and so on. 🎉

Recent News

  • 12/2022 Invited to serve as a program committee member for ACL’23
  • 11/2022 Our paper titled “Emotion fusion for mental illness detection from social media: A survey” got accepted in Information Fusion
  • 08/2022 Our paper titled “Emotions and topics expressed on Twitter during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom: comparative geolocation and text mining analysis” got accepted in Journal of Medical Internet Research
  • 07/2022 Invited to serve as a reviewer for ICLR’23
  • 07/2022 Awarded best reviewer (Top 10%) at ICML 2022 and received a free registration
  • 06/2022 Invited to serve as a reviewer for COLING 2022
  • 05/2022 Application for OxML School 2022 has been successful.
  • 04/2022 Our paper titled “A Mental State Knowledge-Aware and Contrastive Network for Early Stress and Depression Detection on Social Media” got accepted in Information Processing & Management
  • 04/2022 Invited to serve as a reviewer for NeurIPS 2022
  • 02/2022 Our paper titled “Natural Language Processing Applied to Mental Illness Detection: A Narrative Review” got accepted in npj Digital Medicine
  • 11/2021 Invited to serve as a reviewer for ACL Rolling Review
  • 10/2021 We train and release masked language models for mental health - MentalBERT
  • 07/2021 Our workshop Computational Approaches to Mental Health was successfully held
  • 07/2021 Acceptance to the General Program as a student at MLSS 2021 Taipei website
  • 06/2021 Invited to serve as a reviewer for ICLR 2022
  • 06/2021 Our paper titled “Automatic identification of suicide notes with a transformer-based deep learning model” got accepted in Internet Interventions
  • 06/2021 Our paper titled “Predicting Sign of Depression via Using Frozen Pre-trained Models and Random Forest Classifier” got accepted at CLEF-2021

Professional services

  • Journal Reviewer:

    Artificial Intelligence In Medicine
    Artificial Intelligence Review
    Briefings in bioinformatics
    Cognitive Computation
    Computers in Human Behavior
    Expert Systems With Applications
    Future Generation Computer Systems
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing
    IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems
    IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
    IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics
    IEEE Access
    International Journal of Medical Informatics
    Information Processing & Management
    Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
    Journal of Medical Internet Research
    Neural Networks
    npj Mental Health Research

  • Program Committee/Reviewer:

    ACL’23, ACL’22
    NeurIPS’22, NeurIPS’21
    ICLR’23, ICLR’22, ICLR’21
    BIBM’22, BIBM’21, BIBM’20
    CoNLL’22, CoNLL’21, CoNLL’20
    PAKDD’23, PAKDD’22, PAKDD’21
    AMIA’22, AMIA’21
    DSAA’23, DSAA’22, DSAA’21, DSAA’20
    ICTAI’22, ICTAI’21, ICTAI’20

  • Organizer:

    Co-organizing ICML 2021 workshop “Computational Approaches to Mental Health”


  • Teaching Assistant: Manchester-COMP24112 Machine Learning
  • Teaching Assistant: Manchester-COMP61332 Text Mining

Awards and Achievements

  • 2022 ICML Outstanding Reviewer Award (Top 10%)
  • 2019 Beijing Merit Student Award
  • 2019 National Scholarship for Graduate Students
  • 2019 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Merit Student Award
  • 2015 Nankai University Software College Student Union Excellent Union Cadre
  • 2015 ChinaSoft International Excellent Team Award TOP 10%
  • 2014 Nankai University Youth League Excellent Officer Award
  • 2013 Dean’s Cup Debate Competition Software College First Prize